Wish I drank Coffee


Each morning has been the same since Wilma came to live with us; we both go out and do our business. Usually, I cannot complete my business because Wilma wants to play. Next, we go in have breakfast. Then Wilma wants to go finish her business. She comes in I ask to go out and finish my business. When I walk in she wants to play. I want hugs from Momwithoutpaws and Dadwithoutpaws. Just a moment for me time before we do what she wants to do.Now if I could drink coffee I could tell her “After I have my coffee we can play.”

We spent

We spent a lot of time out on the wrap around porch today. Also Wilma and I wrestled, it’s time for a nap. 

Oh did you notice Wilma’s big girl collar?

Momwithoutpaws is going to start teaching Wilma how to heel 

Poor 🍼 baby 

I have to admit that I feel bad for the little spark 🔌 plug we call Wilma. She went to the the Vet today. Wilma received puppy 🐶 shots. She is sleeping more and moping around. Momwithoutpaws decided it was ⌚ time to give Wilma more room, so she moved the partition to give her half the cage. Then she added a big fluffy quilt. The dogtor said by tomorrow she will be our spark plug 🔌 again.